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How To Automatically Get Notified About New Updates.
The best way to get the fastest news about the project is through our public mailing list. Our mailing list is a low volume list. Almost every JD4X news get circulated this way. Join the list and help contribute ideas.

Notification Of New Releases
There are two simple ways that you can get notified about new file releases about JD4X. JD4X is currently distributed through two main popular Open Source channels, and You should consider to be a registered member of either of the distribution channels. The reason is because all our administration support services are provided free of charge thanks to them. Once you have become a registered member of their services, you can simply select the JD4X release package that you desire to monitor by clicking on the monitor package facility on or register to be notified about new JD4X releases on You can read more about the facilities that they provide at their individual websites.

There is a IRC channel now available for JD4X users and developers to discuss issues. (#jd4x at

There are also headline updates and laterest news reports about the project available on our project website. Users can also read and join the project forums to discuss with other developers about issues relating to JD4X. Get involved in the JD4X development community because that is the best way to learn from other developers and keep up to date.

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