Java Desktop for X Window

Copyright © 2001-2004 The JD4X Project
Refer to the GNU General Public License for more details.

Current version: v0.2 beta
Major Modules released: Arch, JUNK, Linux and Moth.
Minor Modules released: Default Controller, Default Java Window Manager.

Thanks for all your contributions, feedbacks, bug reports and suggestions. I recommend that you read the section on customizing the JD4X desktop in the dns.sxw file because it will give you a good idea on how window managers work in general. I have also included diagrams to illustrate the concepts to make it easier to understand. Sadly, JD4X is still in the expert Linux user category, so it may not be suitable for newbies. But it is a great learning tool for hacking your X/Linux system, so I recommend newbies to try it but be prepared to learn.

Enjoy this version,

Why Tell Others About The JD4X Project?
There are Java developers and users out there on the internet who are looking for a project like JD4X but have not been told that JD4X already exist. If you like what the project is doing, help us tell others about it in other forums and news channels. With a critical mass of end users supporting and contributing to the JD4X project, we can help change the poor and often misunderstood image of the Java Desktop.

What Is New In This Version?
This release version is a follow up of the alpha version. A lot of changes were added to this version so even though it is a beta, it is really worth trying. The key additions in this version concentrates on giving the developer a greater degree of customization over the desktop look. We don't expect any major code changes from this version to the next stable version. Detailed changes and additions in this release are as follow:
Where To Start?
What is JD4X and Who is it build for?
How to install JD4X.
Introduction to the JD4X default desktop implementation.
How to configure the default desktop menu.
How to configure the task bar applets.
How to configure the desktop background.
How to configure the desktop frame theme.
How to manage the threads in JUNK.
How to manage the processes and shared Jvms in JUNK.
How to use the shared Jvms in JUNK.
How to support the shared Jvm feature in JD4X.
How to manage plugin modules.
How to build your own Java desktop using JD4X.
How you can help.
How to report bugs.
What are the third party software that is distributed by default with JD4X.
How to automatically get notified about new releases and updates.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ).
Download other cool JD4X compliant software that is not part of the default distribution.
Who are the JD4X Project Team members and Other contributers.
Help sponsor a child with World Vision.
The JD4X project home page.
Forums for JD4X.