Questions About the Java Desktop for the X Window Environment

What is the JD4X Project?
"JD4X", as you may have already guessed, stands for "Java Desktop for the X Window Environment". This tells you a lot already about what JD4X is - some things implied and some things assumed. Here we will set everything straight for you.

JD4X is ...

JD4X is not ...

Is JD4X for Me?
If you have come this far, you are probably fairly serious about JD4X. Keep in mind that you probably haven't yet encountered the worst our project has to offer (we can't be perfect everywhere). How does one know if they should try the JD4X Desktop? An ideal user has either a significant interest in, or knowledge of, the Java programming language (which is not the same as JavaScript). This user wants to get into the little details of their operating environment, and does not mind if things do not always work perfectly. They are willing to commit some time to helping the development team to solve problems, should they arise. The user is not a beginner with either Java or Linux, or has somebody who can readily help them. If you meet all (or most) of these criteria, it is highly possible that the JD4X project is for you.

Also, the JD4X project may not be for you. Here are some qualities associated with our least-ideal users: complete ignorance towards the operation of the X Window System, or Java, or, rather obviously, computers in general. Those who need support for their desktop, or guaranteed stability for their system should also not rely on JD4X as a solution at this time. If you better fit into this category, we encourage you to not sit back and let JD4X pass you by. If you simply do not know about your computer yet, we can recommend a few web sites and books that can help you, here. If you are a high-needs user, we suggest that you test our software first, because it may be suited to what you need to do. If not, then why not help us get it there?