Java Desktop for the X Window Environment

Current Version: 0.3 Beta
Major Modules Released: Arch, JUNK, Linux, Moth.
Minor Modules Released: Default Controller, Tutorial Window Manager.
Major Modules under Development: Media, Logger
Minor Modules under Development: Jodfee

Table of Contents

Default Desktop
Reporting Bugs
Contacting Us
Getting Help

What is the JD4X Project?
Is JD4X for me?

Perhaps we will have profiles of our developers, or at least contact information.

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Message from Our Group Leader:
Many people still think that JD4X is only a window manager, and I feel this is inaccurate. JD4X is actually an entire system designed to create and support window managers written in Java. It is about the freedom to choose and the power to alter your personal desktop in any way you desire. Thanks to all those who have helped support the JD4X project. My heart-felt gratitude goes out to the growing JD4X community who believes, as I do, in the "unthinkable" concept of a viable Java Desktop.

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