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Plugin Manager

The JD4X desktop allows you to easily build your own software modules that can be plug into the desktop dynamically. All aspects of the desktop can be altered by adding new or replacing old modules. Launching the plugin manager will produce a dialog box that allows the user to access two main facilities. The plugin manager monitors the currently loaded minor modules in the JD4X desktop system. This dialog currently has two functions available to the user:

Plugin Manager
Plugin Manager screenshot.

(a) Unloading a existing minor module: (1st icon from left)
Selecting 1 or more of the currently loaded minor modules in the monitor list and activating this function will unload them in one go. Unloading a module will remove all the GUI belonging to that module from the desktop and prepare it to be garbage collected. Not all modules can be unloaded, the current Controller and Java Window Manager module in use are not allowed to be unloaded. JUNK will report the error if an attempt is initiated to remove these modules.

(b) Loading a new minor module: (2nd icon from left)

Module File Chooser
System File Chooser screenshot.
Activating this function displays a file chooser that allows the user to select the desired compressed jar file to be loaded from the local file system. Click on any of the files to select the desired jar file to load into the desktop. Once the desired file has been selected, click on the Accept button to initiate the loading process. The plugin manager maintains a list of the modules that were loaded from either the desktop startup or from the plugin manager. The selected plugin module must be a compressed Java jar file and the main class defined in the manifest file must be a subclass of the JXMinorModule class. This feature allows the user to test run each module without permanently including them in the Java desktop. Each module loaded into the plugin manager will only last for the current session unless the user moves the module's jar file to the minor directory at the JD4X home. If the user moves the module's jar file to the minor directory, JUNK will automatically load it during the next desktop startup.

For more detailed information on how to write your own JD4X module plugin, as well as, tutorial examples, please refer to the section on customizing the JD4X desktop in the design and specification (dns.sxw) document.

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